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A Person’s Right to Choose


As Christians, we are called to spread the gospel of Jesus to every nation. In our quest to do God’s will first, we do what we can to be “fair” with others so they will hear our message of hope in Jesus and accept Jesus as their savior. The problem is when we, as Christians, say to others that their choices are fine and that they should have the right to choose. This is not the love of God. The love of God tells the truth to those who seek to do their own will. The love of God encourages others to do His will first. The love of God will never tell you that it is your right to choose whatever you want when you decide to abide in Jesus because this is not true.

When we, as Christians, yoke ourselves with non-believers (some even claiming to be believers) who have sinister intentions and buy into their manipulation of the truth and when we believe their manipulation of the truth, we open ourselves up to doing the will of the evil one. We, as Christians, must always speak the truth in love and not worry about the consequences that man has for us. We must be more reverent toward God than toward man. God gives man life, man does not give God life and Christians must keep that in mind. In Jesus, we have the victory, not in man, not in human effort, in Jesus we have the victory. All else is chasing after the wind. Apart from Jesus we can do nothing that is of significance for God’s kingdom on earth and we must speak this truth in all situations.

We who are followers of Jesus must be careful about what we promote with our mouths, with our thoughts and with the work of our hands. Satan is at work in the hearts and minds of people, influencing their thoughts and actions; we must always acknowledge this fact. We must examine all people very closely so that we may discern their true intentions for humanity.

When we promote the message that it is a person’s right to choose anything that they want and we put the name of Jesus on that message, which is what we do when we promote something while saying that we are Christians, we are engaging in the digging of a hole for someone else to fall into and the Bible speaks of the dangers of digging holes for others, piling burdens onto others and setting traps for others. The evil one knows about the dangers of setting traps for others because the evil one knows the Bible better than many Christians so we must always be on guard for the traps that the enemy sets so that we ensure that we always do and promote what is right in the eyes of God.

We must examine our thoughts, words and actions and make sure that these thoughts, words and actions are lining up with the will of God and the word of God. Ask yourself: What is the source of these thoughts, words and actions? Who put these ideas into my head? Work to find the true source of the things you think, say and do and examine that source so you can avoid working for evil.

Make no mistake, God can and will restore everyone who decides to turn from his or her own way and follow Him but we Christians have got to make sure that we are in one accord on the facts. The facts are that there is a code of conduct, there is a law to be followed and following the law and the codes are not a work of the flesh, they are the fruit of the Holy Spirit of God that comes when you abide in the true vine (Jesus). We must always promote the things that are of God, not the things that are of man.

Should we be on a witch hunt for all who do not do God’s will? Should we hate non-Christians? No, we should not. Our Christian co-mission: love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. We are to do justice, to love mercy and to walk in humility toward God. We have all sinned. We do not have to seek out and destroy all who sin against God but we must be aware of those who want to do their own evil will and make sure that we are spreading the truth about what happens when we ignore God’s will and do mans will in place of God’s will. We must; however, demolish every argument and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we must also take captive every thought to make it obedient to Jesus.

God requires that we submit our will to Him and abide in Him so that we will produce the right fruit. All this requires is the renewing of our minds and being in agreement with Him when the Holy Spirit of God speaks to us. All we have to do is say yes every time the Holy Spirit of God speaks to us and instructs us. We can be sure that we are following the correct voice when the voice’s request of us lines up with the Holy Word of God (the Bible). There is no other correct way to work for the kingdom of God.

We can and must do the will of God wherever we are no matter what we are doing. There may be people whose desire is to have a separation between Church and state but that rule is only for those who believe in that separation, not us. As followers of Jesus, we are bound to do God’s will first, all else comes after Him. We must always remember that God is with us so whether man decides to back down or not is not our fight because no weapon formed against us shall prosper and when God fights for us, man’s will will always crumble and fall in defeat. Now is the time, take up your cross and follow the Messiah, Jesus!

Jesus is Lord.


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