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A while back we were made aware of a documentary called Maafa 21 which exposes the truth about the abortion and birth control industry. This documentary shows how the evil efforts of a few can become an epidemic problem when the cooperation of unsuspecting people is garnered and exploited to spread this evil. If you would like to watch this documentary you can go to their website through this link.

The eugenicists created the idea of evolution. They believe that evolution is the proof that black people are inferior to whites and all other races. They believe that black people will never be able to gain financial independence without governmental assistance, which means their money. They believe that black people will always be subservient to whites and other races. They believe that black people are feeble-minded and unfit imbeciles who deserve to be wiped off of the face of the earth. They believe that black people will never be self-sufficient. They are atheists and they do not like the fact that black people were and are Christian so they actively work to rid America of Christianity. Their efforts will ultimately fail.

Eugenicists don’t want black people to know their true genocidal intentions so they paid other black people to promote their means of extermination: sexual immorality, greed, abortion and birth control. They paid these black people to go against their religious beliefs and convictions so that they could gain money and political power. The political power wasn’t as forthcoming as the money for misled black people until 2008 but, nonetheless, these black people use the platforms of ‘family planning’, ‘women’s health’, ‘equality’ and ‘women’s rights’ to mislead other black people into their own demise.

Black people are not the only people who were misled into believing in the eugenics lie. Unsuspecting Christian people of all races and colors still believe to this day that sexual immorality, abortion and birth control are good things. If they knew the root of this evil they would be outraged. We are all brothers and sisters in Jesus so we need to work together to rid our lives and our country of this eugenic evil.

We must always ask questions of those who make assumptions about other human beings’ defects and problems. We must speak out by exposing their bias against those who have pretend defects. We must also question those who pay large quantities of money to validate their biases against others. These people and the organizations that they created pay large sums of money to convince the academic and research communities to spread their lies and hate.

We must remember that the one true God encourages questions but those who do evil don’t like questions. We must also remember that everyone who says that they are Christian are not true followers of Jesus. Some so-called Christians are posers who seek to discredit Christianity in any and every way that they can. Their efforts will fail. All we have to do is smile at them, tell them the truth and keep it moving. We do not have to get into any physical altercations with anyone. We do not cause their demise, their sin does.

All of the people who promote these things aren’t the sinister, evil people that we would assign them to be, some are greedy and others are misled. Greed can be fixed. God can fix greed, right now, today. A lack of knowledge can also be fixed. This blog spreads the knowledge. All we have to do to overcome all evil is to recognize that we have the authority to cast out these demons by using our words, just as Jesus illustrated in the Bible. We can never forget that evil is real. We can never forget that sin is real. We can never forget that we have the power to remove this evil and sin. Satan can’t hurt us unless we allow him into our lives so we must keep satan out.

Christians of all races must work together today to put an end to the racism and hate that still plague our country. All it takes is for all of us to pray for the immediate dissolution of all forms of sexual immorality, fear, greed, covetousness, racism and hate. We must speak to this sin and tell it to die right now in the name of Jesus…and it will die.

Jesus is Lord!


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