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When Competition Gets Ugly


Recently, my son’s football team was involved in a brawl. My son’s coach ran plays at the end of the game that the other coach felt is inappropriate since our team had already secured a cushy lead. Since the other coach felt that our coach was wrong, he pushed our coach after the game. This was the first mistake that was made by either of the coaches the entire evening.

The purpose of competition is to test your preparation. When this test of your preparation yields poor results on your end and you end as the loser this information serves as very useful feedback so you can improve in the future. If the coach is running plays that you don’t like, it is the job of the other coach to call plays that will combat the other team’s coach’s plays. It is the team’s job to stop the other team’s plays by using the coach’s plays or the quarterback can call an audible at the line. When the coach drops the ball by calling ineffective plays and when the team drops the ball by allowing the other team to run over them, it is their own fault. It is not the responsibility of the other team to accommodate the losing team because if we never lose, we never learn and if we never learn, we never grow.

All any of us competitors must do is continue to prepare and compete until we garner success. There is no need for physical altercations. There is no need for name calling. It is not necessary to demonize the other team and its players for winning. The time for your team to win will come soon enough and when you win you do not deserve to be treated badly for being a winner.

Life is not easy. Competition is not easy. Our test produces our testimony. What is your testimony?


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