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I Am A Soldier in the Army of the Lord


God is my Commander-in-Chief. God is my President. God is my General. God is my Head Coach and He is my General Manager, as well as the owner of the team. I am always engaged in spiritual warfare. God has conquered all of our enemies. All I have to do is allow God to work in my life. All I have to do is ask for God’s orders, accept God’s orders and follow God’s orders. I belong to God. I am God’s soldier. I am to carry out God’s orders. What are His orders?

Wherever I am, it is by His will that I am where I am. If I am in prison, it is His will. If I am in poverty, it is His will. If I am in a tornado, it is His will. If I am rich, it is His will. If I am secure in my marriage, it is His will. If I am a single mother, it is His will. Wherever I am, it is only by God’s will that I am here and not there where I want to be. If I am where God has commanded me to be in His word, I am grateful to be in God’s perfect will and I appreciate God for bestowing His grace upon me and allowing me to do something right. If I am not where God’s word has commanded me to be, I am grateful to God for showing me that I am not where I should be and I am grateful to God for His help to place me where I should be.

I accept God’s orders. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing I will put God first because apart from Him I can do nothing. Check out the post on Church Every Day for more insight into God’s orders. Jesus is the head, I am Jesus’ hands and feet. I am Jesus’ soldier. I am to do His will, not my own will. Wherever I am, He placed me here and I must put Him first and do His will and only after I do His will, will I be given a new assignment. I don’t need to know why my position in life is His will, I only need to know that it is His will and when He is done using me in this position, I will be given a higher position. God’s orders are not a hardship on me. I am at peace with my current situation. I am in peace in my current situation. When I do my own will I am chasing after the wind and it will result in hardship.

I will give thanks to God no matter where I am today. Giving thanks is all about my action. I will do everything for His glory. The action of thanksgiving is accepting my place as a servant. I will serve everyone who is in my life and who comes into my life by being cheerfully giving, peaceful and loving toward the people around me for His glory. I will arrive at work on time because I am working for God. I will put myself last because I am serving my husband, my children, my neighbors, my co-workers, my customers, my oppressor, my (insert the problem’s name here) for God. I do not serve these people for their benefit; I serve these people for God (His purposes, His glory). I am God’s representative.

I will know who I am in Christ. Jesus defeated sin and death on the cross. Every Christian does God’s work every day, wherever they are, not just in church (we also contribute our gifts to the church first). We pray in the name of Jesus to lift the afflictions that try to master us and those who are around us. I will speak life into my situation and the situation of others. In the name of Jesus, I have the power to lift all afflictions.

I will fight. I fight by putting on the full armor of God and speaking the word of God in the name of Jesus when I am in prayer. I will fight by treating people with the love of God. I will thank people for their obedience and service to the kingdom of God.

I will be led by the Holy Spirit of God. When the Holy Spirit of God speaks to me, I will say yes and I will do yes. I will do whatever the Lord commands through His Holy Spirit.

I will not sin but if I do sin, I will repent immediately. I will ask the Lord to show me my sin so that I may repent immediately or as soon as possible. With repentance comes turning away from what I used to do so I will ask the Lord to show me what I need to do to turn from my sin. I often have to remember that what bothers me about other people is usually what is wrong with me. Disagreement, not cooperating, criticizing other leaders, bitterness, controlling behaviors, anger, selfishness and other things are all sins that need to be removed from my life. Do not repent while saying that you don’t really think you feel this way or while saying that this really isn’t you, instead accept full responsibility for your sin and repent without making any excuses for yourself.

I will not trample on God’s harvest. Every Christian is called to harvest souls for the Lord. The harvest belongs to God. When we encounter difficult souls who do not want to accept the gift of salvation, who do not want to accept and/or be delivered from their afflictions or if we encounter people who hate us because of Jesus, we need to be careful to show these people the love of God. No man is our enemy, satan is our enemy and satan uses people up and spits them out but this is not the love of God. God uses us and rewards us so when we encounter difficult people, we must realize that they are also deeply loved by God and God wants them to be part of our family so we must treat them with love, even when it hurts us.

If God shows me that I have a problem with trampling on His harvest, I will pray God’s word to Him so He will help me get right with Him. For example: Colossians 1:15 – 20 Jesus you are the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by You all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by You Jesus and for You Jesus they will remain. Jesus, You are above all things, and in You all things hold together. You are the head of the body, the church; You are the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything You will have the supremacy. For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in You Jesus and through You Jesus to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through Your blood Jesus, shed on the cross.


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