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5 Lies About Abortion and 5 Truths About Choosing Life


These are general lies that I have heard various individuals and organizations tell about abortion.

Lie #1 – It benefits the woman.

Truth = Women who have abortions suffer from depression following their abortion and they are often worse off financially after their abortions. Source of the source.

Lie #2 – Poor babies deserve to die because their parents don’t have enough money to care for them.

Truth = Kids, especially babies, don’t even really care about money. They just want the love and attention of their mom and dad so forget the big house and the fancy cars, care for the babies because they are the future. Bless your children and they will be a huge success in life and make significant contributions to society.

Lie #3 – It benefits the child. If you are born poor, you are better off dead. If you are born to people who can’t take care of you, you are better off dead. If you are born to people who are irresponsible, you are better off dead.

Truth = Even if your parents are not the best parents at least you have breath in your body that will allow you to make a change for the next generation. Parents don’t have to be perfect but it would be great if they didn’t have to deal with the shame of instigating the murder of their own flesh and blood. It is better for the child to live than to be destroyed like trash. Human life deserves our compassion or else we will “devolve” into nothing more than barbarians.

Lie #4 – It benefits society. Unwanted children deserve to die. Unplanned children deserve to die. Unwanted children are a burden on society because they suck up welfare benefits and their parents don’t take care of them.

Truth = Every baby is planned. Every baby is wanted. Every child has the potential to become a productive member of society. If we as a society haven’t learned anything, we should have learned that people change, circumstances change and this change benefits future generations. What changes will there be if there is no future generation? None.

Lie #5 – A man should not be able to tell a woman what to do with her body. This is an argument that is often used by men who want to promote abortion.

Truth = To all those men, I want you to know that I am female and by telling this lie, YOU are trying to tell me what to do with my body. You need to follow your own advice and shut up.

As a female who wants the genocide against my people to end I have to say that if the only resource I have in my arsenal to get rid of abortion and birth control is a man, I will use him to help end abortion. The men who are fighting to end abortion on Capitol Hill are fighting for me, a black woman. I openly support any person, male or female, who can put an end to the genocide of my people.

God bless you all!


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