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We Have a Plan


You may be asking what can be done to help black people get out of their rut and into a place of financial security and prosperity?

We have a plan to ensure that black people become productive, contributing members of society. Everyone can mostly agree that black people are in a poor situation in the USA.

70% of black children are born out of wedlock.

16 Million black children have been aborted since 1973, which is the result of a planned genocide.

Black people are largely renters and few possess the true markers of financial security: land ownership, ownership of investments, business ownership, job security and the list goes on and on.

Let’s attack the job security portion for a moment. Two men walk into a job interview. One is black and one is white. Both men have graduated from the same college. They have the same degree. They have the same high GPA. They have both volunteered at wonderful community organizations and they have both listed the same employers and lengths of employment on their resumes so they are both highly qualified. The interviewer is a white male. Who will get the job? The white guy will get the job. Why? The white interviewee will get the job because he is white.

The truth of life is that opposites do not attract. People like people who are like them. People trust people who are like them. People like to help people who look like them. There is nothing wrong with these basic facts. The only thing that is wrong with this scenario is the fact that the black interviewee does not know one black person who owns one business that can employ him so he can provide for his family.

Our plan is to provide funding to black owned businesses that employ and serve black people so our community can retain it’s own wealth and build up it’s own neighborhoods, churches and organizations. We don’t need to rely on white people and drain all of their resources. There are more than enough resources available for everyone to be able to take care of their own communities.

We will fund businesses that will build up our own infrastructure: construction, manufacturing, agriculture, banking, finance, etc. These black owned businesses will build homes for black families, sell food and raw materials to black people and black owned businesses and provide services to black people in their current communities so there is no fear of “white flight” and so that when people drive through “the hood” they will see beautiful buildings, well kept homes, community centers, clean and safe parks and much more.

The beauty of this plan is that we can do it all by ourselves. We don’t need any group of people coming in and “helping” us do what we can do for ourselves. All we need is to be compensated for the genocide that has been designed to kill off our people then we will have enough money to begin.

God bless you all!

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  1. B. Muse says:

    On a similar note, I thought the interview (video towards the bottom) with Thomas Sowell was interesting.


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