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A Love Letter To The Fathers and All Men


Tall and wide, short and thin, balding, hairy, black or grey; our dad’s come in all different shapes, sizes and shades but there are some things about dad’s and men in general that make them all so similar and so great. They are our defenders, our providers, our wise counselors, problem solvers and our leaders. Dad places his hands on us and he imparts his blessing on us, speaking good words into our lives. He wants us to reach a potential that we have never imagined for ourselves.

Whether he is charismatic or a man of few words, dads generally have the same advice: just get along with others. Everything else doesn’t really matter. When there is a conflict, just get along. When there is a difference, just get along. When someone wants to harm you, just get along and you will be able to live in peace with your fellow human beings.

When we come to dad complaining about a person who has offended us or a situation that is afflicting us, he listens. He nods his head and nothing seems to surprise him. He furrows his brow and crosses his arms as he nods in a way that lets us know that he understands. When we are done pouring our complaints to him, he puts his hand on our shoulder and says: sometimes life gets tough, here is how you solve this problem…After his explanation we always think to ourselves: that made so much sense, why didn’t I think of that? Because we’re not dad, he is and that is what makes him invaluable. His wisdom and understanding is indispensable and we wonder how we would ever be able to live without him.

Then we meet those who do live without him and we realize that their issues and problems are the very things that we have avoided because of his presence and we feel that we need to spread our dad everywhere. Everyone needs him and there is a reason why everyone needs him, every single day. God placed man here first and man embodies qualities of God that woman often don’t possess and that is fine. He made them male and female for a reason: so the two can work together and, once again, get along with each other.

The subject of getting along with others can be tricky. When someone is crossing the line and being mean spirited and unreasonable and you just feel like hauling off and punching them in the face it is better to take the high road, don’t fight with flesh and blood and stick to your script instead of yielding to the will of the other person. Just because someone is trying to make you do what they want you to do don’t mean you have to do it. When the bullies begin to bully you and try to make you change course and follow them, simply refuse and continue to walk down the narrow path of righteousness because Jesus has overcome the world. They want you to lose your cool, they want you to fight against them but we should all learn to just get along because God has made everything right for us, just like dad.

We don’t always know dad’s master plan. He tells us to work hard, do our best job, be on time and work longer than we are asked to work. We don’t always understand why dad wants us to work harder, longer, faster and better than everyone else. He tells us to sacrifice our feelings and emotions in order for the greater good to be manifest not only in our lives but in the lives of others and we don’t want to, we don’t want to give up the things, attitudes and beliefs that we choose or we simply don’t understand but when we try it his way, it just works and everyone, including ourselves actually benefit so it’s a win-win-win for everyone, not just for “me”.

Leaders, protectors, providers, defenders, wise counselors, strong, silent and competitive, our fathers and our men are all designed in the image of God our Father which is exactly what makes them wonderful and worthy of our deep respect. Let’s take this day to celebrate them and thank them for their service to us.

Here at The Black Community we say thank you to all of the dad’s and men. We love you, we appreciate you, we need you and we want you. We can’t do life without you men. Keep being just the way you have always been. The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. Amen.


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