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If you truly care about the state of Christian black people who are part of God’s kingdom and God’s creation then you will help them prosper in a way that provides them with dignity, not a handout, not government subsidies, not welfare but an investment in their true prosperity. How do you do this? It’s called HOPE, Helping Other People Earn. By patronizing our businesses, by using our labor and by purchasing the products of our creative expression that honors God.

On this page is where we will provide links to online businesses, physical businesses (like restaurants, shops, etc.), business opportunities and employment opportunities that are owned by Christian black people who have taken a vow to live out their faith on purpose, in the marketplace. These believers observe the Sabbath, they honor their mothers and fathers, they obey God’s commandments, they employ other black people, they die to themselves everyday in order to live the life in the Spirit that God wants them to live. Our vision is that one day, when racism is dead and gone, we will be able to expand the list of businesses to Christians of all races.

We believe that we will be able to witness the fruits of the Spirit in these businesses and therefore there will be a major benefit to society as a whole because these people have pledged to forget their own will, replace the works of their flesh with the works of the Spirit and do God’s will, no matter where they are.

This is REAL hope.


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