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Who We Are


Have you ever asked yourself: Why are black people so poor and why don’t they just get a job? or Why can’t they just get it right? or Why do black people have to be poor?

These are all questions that we asked ourselves until we found the answer. The answer is that we have been losing a large part of our community to murder that has been cutely disguised as innocent “family planning”. We are not laughing. Upon learning this bit of knowledge, we decided to do something to help. We can’t sit around and pretend that this is not happening. Evil prevails when good people do nothing. We are doing something. If you would like to help, please feel free to contact us here.

Our Mission

To begin to rebuild our community organically, in other words by natural means.

Our Vision

We desire to see more Godly marriages, more children, more black home ownership, more black land ownership and more black-owned businesses serving black people. We need to retain more of our own wealth in order to grow our own community and with God’s help we will do just that.

Who We Are

We are a group of Christian people who care deeply about what is happening to our people.

What We Want

Please read this carefully: The truth of the matter is that what has happened is government sanctioned genocide; therefore, we seek to receive compensation for the genocide that was carefully crafted and designed for our community. The damages owed for the losses suffered by our community through this genocide is $1,000,000 per life lost which comes out to roughly $16 Trillion dollars since 1973. This post will tell you more about what we plan to do. We want our people to be made whole and we can’t trust this government or our current “black leaders” to help make us whole because they are pretending that this genocide is not happening. This will not stand.

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